As the market for rare and antique books is to adapt to the internet

London – Johannes Gutenberg or Tim Berners Lee? The printed text or the internet? There is no way to see which of them affect you more, but today we don’t discuss that people spend more time browsing the internet than reading printed text. This has many repercussions both positive and negative. For example the old system of buying and selling rare books.

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Of rare books in London is a set of auctions, exhibitions, lectures, and tours conducted between May and June in London. The “crown jewel” of the event, according to its website, to A. B. A rare book in 61.Th edition, with the participation of 175 trade books. More than a third of exhibitors are from outside Britain.

After 19 years in the Olympia Exhibition Building from the Victorian era to the west of London, just moved to the Patterson development of a more modern, on the south side of the River Thames. Was opened by David Attenborough, the acclaimed narrator of the series from the BBC such as life on Earth, The Living Planet and the Blue Planet.

“Olympia was associated with the old thing,” said Andrea Mazzocchi, a specialist who works at Bernard Quaritch antiquarian books, which was founded in 1847. “We need to get away from people who believe that old books are dusty and boring”. But such rare books is still very far away from the pomp of art galleries and luxury as a cornice or a masterpiece. Traffic congestion due to the ever popular Chelsea Flower Show nearby, made it difficult to access to knowledge.

Sophie Schneideman, the book specializes in books printed by individuals offering one of 500 paper copies of the Doves Bible, the Bible with the letters of the delegates in the Red written by the calligrapher Edward Johnston, published by Cobden-Sanderson and Emery Walker the doves Press in London, West London between 1903 to 1905. Revered by many of the top to achieve freedom, the movement, the book used to cost 15 billion pounds (US $ 78.500). Sophie Schneideman said I sold half a dozen articles ranging from $ 66 and $ 13,000, but any edition of the Bible of Dover. “There was no organization and enthusiasm. Many of the top clients were not able to reach the place, ” she lamented.

But other exhibitors were more optimistic in relation to the new space. Once you avoid confrontation with the Chelsea Flower Show and when to expect a new subway opening soon, in 2020 the event will be a success.

“Certainly is better than the old site,” said Bernard Shapero, models, London, specializing in comic books rare.

The trade of rare books facing many challenges.

Unlike collectors of books such as John Pierpont Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, super-rich today’s best art collections rather than libraries. Art has become an alternative investment return in 2017 has generated a average profit of 21% according to the latest report issued by the brokerage Knight Frank. Rare books are not included in the basket “investments luxury” of the broker.

But sellers and bidders tend to refer to books as “reserve value”, reflecting the pricing structure and the customer base that is generally static, which does not excite investors in the alternative. As a result, the fair, rare books depends on the University and institutions very knowledgeable and friends.

But there were sales at A. B. fair value as performed by Aquila books, Calgary in Canada, the first edition of 1871 Charles Darwin and his book origin of the human in which the author uses the word “evolution” for the first time to refer to his theory. The book was bought by Attenborough$ 5.340.

Aquila books specializes in books of exploration and development of up to 30 thousand pounds ($ 157 thousand) in sales in the exhibition, according to its founder Cameron Treleaven. “I’m happy with the result”, explaining that the markets represent 40% of annual sales, with 35% generated through online transactions.

“The arrival of the internet the moment characteristic of my career,” said Treleaven. “It allowed us to find customers that you didn’t know that existed”.

As is the case in the art market, auctions are another important channel to sell rare books. But unlike contemporary art books tend to be sold according to pre-sale.


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