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Network sustainability’t know what title to give Bazileu Margarido, coordinator of the executive of the party in the formation.

Periga turn Guido from the Marina.

On Wednesday, Bonhams took the auction of the library of the Natural History and the law Zoo in the Netherlands. Founded in 1937 by Peter W. Louwman, the father of co-owner of Bonhams, Evert Louwman, the zoo had been closed in 1985. The library is composed of 234 works covers some of the books in the science of birds the most luxurious seen from the 19th century.

The most valuable of the group the first edition, in seven volumes, the birds of Australia John Gould, launched in 1849. This version also included three of the five additional volumes of the work, illustrated with more than 600 stone hand-colored, based on drawings of a woman from Bird, Elizabeth Gould. Still considered the most comprehensive in this subject – the discovery of gold more than 300 new species during his research in Australia between 1838 and 1840. Collection of birds from Australia was sold by 187.500 pounds, including the committee (about 979 thousand).

“The book is not Contemporary Art. It does not generate huge excitement not sold quickly,” said Matthew Haley, director of the Department of books and Bonhams. “Business is slow and unstable”.

The birds of Australia, Gould, as the Doves Bible, or the Bible of Gutenberg are exceptional works of art, but unfortunately, as well as the books do not force the color of modern or contemporary of the famous. The accuracy of the books Code cases also do not attract the new rich who buy art.

Then the trade of rare books can thrive in the 21st century?

It is precisely here that enters the invention of Tim Berners-Lee. Trade books, have complained that in the case of many buyers, the internet browsing shops in search in the place involving the closure of many of the components of second-hand books, but the internet lets them show their books to a new audience connected more to the visual.

Bernard Quaritch, for example, taking a single leaf from the Gutenberg Bible, printed in 1450, Fair of the A. B. A. in New York B. in London, offering 100 thousand pounds ($ 523 thousand). Not managed to sell, but she put in the account on Instagram of the company since then the post has already received 122 tanned.

Book old dusty requires. Gradually. Translation/ of Maria Martini

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