Sinead O’connor claims she’s not suicidal celebrates the ‘Brexit’ in Facebook rant

Sinead O’connor claims she’s not suicidal celebrates the ‘Brexit’ in Facebook rant

Sinead O
Sinead O


Andy Scott
2 years ago

Irish singer Sinead O’connor took to Facebook to deny claims she is suicidal and threatened to jump from the Chicago area bridge.

“It’s Bulls*** he jumped from the bridge” O’connor, 49, said in a post on June 24, 2016. “Stupid b**** in the [Irish police] Swords Garda Station decided they want to throw in a little false and malicious gossip about everything.”

O’connor on the afternoon of the day after the Chicago Police Department received a call from a Dublin company, alleging that O’connor threatened to commit suicide. “Sinead O’connor called and said ‘I’m on a bridge in Chicago and I’m going to jump,'” the Irish authorities stated that he said the CPD, according to people. Chicago police later “of all the calls radio message” to be on the lookout for the troubled singer.

O’connor told a completely different story on Facebook, claiming she was very happy about the “Brexit”—the United Kingdom in a historic vote on 23 June 2016 to leave the EU—would be suicide. “Ireland is officially no longer owned by Britain!!!!” O’connor wrote in all caps. “Congratulations to every man, woman and child who died for the cause of Irish freedom and also for all those including myself, who were persecuted ruthlessly by the Irish so-called Free-State, which announced its support for SINN FÉIN and the republican movement. Comes Day!!!!!!!”

O’connor’s mental health the subject of headlines for years. In May 2016, was reported “missing suicide” in one of the suburbs of Chicago, only to be found by police hours later in the hotel area. Last November, she published a supposed suicide note to Facebook addressed to her and her family a “horrible set of good data.” After receiving medical treatment for this case, O’connor posted another rant on Facebook in which she called her family’s “Stolen Children killers”. She wrote: “You’re dead to me. I killed your mother. Stole my sons…”

Peru has a full rundown of the O’connor painful conflicts over the years. You can read about them here.


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