“The creation and re-creation of life taken from”

Authored by: physical education teachers

Our all real, strange, unique. This page which says that each one is unique and special, have the ability to show us also that one of the brands most charming of human potential is creativity. If I didn’t innovation and the search for a solution to the challenges, we can not take “the journey” and get to where we are as a civilization. However, the buildings do not come about by accident. Practice and learn to be creative as far as learning to write, read, or run behind a fellow in a fun capture to escape.

When our students appear curious and motivated, we can imagine the productions copyright. Are the moments of fun that goes beyond what has been done with the resources and ammunition accumulated, in addition to going through this process, the memorization of task execution. And with time, offer a strange quest to diversify the experiences and attitudes to live. This makes the project of translation in the process of search for knowledge for the sake of the lived, felt, and shared.

Thus, in Quarter 3 of 2018, the Year 4 students from St Mary’s and each team began the stage of formation of “calendar of the traditional games re-imagined”, with a proposal to conduct an individual assessment in the holidays, about 2 games or jokes that can be processed in a group, with written rules.

So began the process of re-creating the case step subsequent participation. And the formation of sub-groups of up to 5 people to be able to appropriate 1 game in the subset, 7 of the room number which we deem appropriate at the time of the experiments and records needed to produce the calendar. The richness of the work initiated by the demands of group work how to create a communication “defend” the democratic project in check. There was a group refundiu creations in one. Others who chose to play on the basis of the vote. Groups that like both of all the games that you choose to paint him to be.

Finally, there was a gain directly in the skills that are most important for the contemporary world, such as the writing of how if you play, record, and chart the oral aesthetic expression and the listener in the moment to communicate with the class on the scheduled day of a game or a joke. The stage of socialization was a true laboratory on the court or in other places. Changes in rules and suggestions for amendments that can be suggested by colleagues that the “group book” reescrevessem to the calendar.

In the arts, records, games through graphics and sound, has gained new features with the representation of scenes from different perspectives. This work make_meaningful_agained content component of the learning meaningful and directly related with the make and appearance of the children in addition to the development of the technique of drawing the body and proportion.

Of course there was the expansion of the potential of the methodology developed in a series in the true disciplines of the project which gave the main focus of the teaching and learning process of 4 years.

We strongly believe that our students know the play and, in this sense, we need them the right to express themselves in a natural way, manifesting, being the protagonists, the book, and transfer the positive values in social interaction. Add to all of this state which clearly define the movement created along the way of formation of saying: children are the objects “criantes and public participation”! I know all about the so-called “baby thing”.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that the experience of the task and the character the actor is one of the work tasks and the requirements of those who teach and at the same time learn in the school of Santa Maria.


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